Roadside Assistance (sometimes referred to as "Towing and Labor" ) is a coverage that is not required by law to be on an auto insurance policy. It is usually offered by MOST companies for an additional premium.Although the EXACT details of a company's roadside assistance coverage vary, here are the things they will generally do for a client : 

- Jumpstart your car when the battery has died

- Lock service: they will help you unlock your car if needed

- They will help you change a flat tire

- They will tow your disabled vehicle an acceptable ( different limits are set by difffernt companies) distance to a location of your choice

- They will bring you necessary fluids( water, gas,oil ) when needed. Usually they will only charge you for the cost of the fluids

NOTE: On many companies' policy, the roadside assistance is set to certain limits and is on a REIMBURSEMENT basis....YOU pay the roadside care providers fee FIRST , ,and then YOUR insurance company will reimburse you for the fees 

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